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Hongxinjia's advantages

Guarantee of Quality + efficiency, meet needs of customized processing and diversified needs

NO1 Priority strength and rich experience

Advanced production equipment and experienced engineers and technicians

With more than 20 years of experience in engineering and technical personnel, as well as experienced technician team。

NO2 Ingenuity craftsmanship continuous personality quality

Main service items

Plastic, aluminum alloy, hardware prototype model making, 3D printing, complex mold making, mold manufacturing, injection molding, etc.; various types of smart robots, home appliances, toys, automobiles, sports equipment, medical equipment, military, fire protection, finance, digital and other metals And non-metal production and mass production.

NO3 Safety and environment-friendly

Safety and environment-friendly, fast delivery cycle

Products produced meet environment-friendly standards, The processes that can be completed includes: oil spraying (light color, matte color, rubber oil, transparent color, translucent color, fluorescent color), silk screen, electroplating, anodizing, laser, sandblasting, UV, bronzing, etc. The delivery cycle is fast。

NO4 Quick response of after sales service

More professional service

The company adheres to the core values of integrity, unity, innovation, and gratitude, and adheres to the business policy of providing customers with "excellent products and sincere service". In accordance with the service standard of "people-oriented, win-win with customers, pursue together, and create the future together"。

About hongjingjia

One stop service provider of handmade model

       Shenzhen Hongxinjia Model Factory was established in 2007 (Dongguan Changan branch established in July 2018: Dongguan Hongjingjia Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.), with more than 300 professional management and technical staff, factory covers an area of 6000 square meters , 25 sets of injection moldi···>>more

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Customer reputation

Mechanical equipment

Detailed cooperation process

We pay attention to every detail of design and engineering, and strive for perfection, so that every time we exceed customer expectations!


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